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What is Turnitin? and Why Should You Use It?

 Turnitin is a tool that professors use to check whether a student’s work is original and not plagiarized. However, it is important to understand that it is not a plagiarism detection tool or a text matching tool. This article will explain how to interpret Turnitin results correctly.

Turnitin is a tool that helps professors check if a student’s work is unique or if it has been copied or rephrased from other sources.

Turnitin works by matching a student’s submission with an online archive of documents, data, and other content from various sources. This includes previously submitted papers, subscription periodicals, and blogs. When a match is found, Turnitin generates an “Originality Report” that identifies any similar text. Turnitin stores a record of all student submissions in a central database.
Turnitin has several features that can help professors determine if a student’s work is original and has not been copied from other sources. The tool allows professors to view submissions in PDF format and provides a grading dashboard for all submissions. The professor can also use the information to provide feedback to students. Turnitin also provides the student with an opportunity to correct any errors before the final submission.

It is a plagiarism detection tool:

Turnitin is an online service that stores essays submitted by students and checks them for plagiarism. The tool uses a search engine called web crawler to look for text that matches a student’s paper to an online database of similar content. The tool also enables teachers to manage online grading. Students can also use the Turnitin PeerMark feature to evaluate their peers’ work.
Turnitin can be a useful tool, but it is not a good solution for every situation. Its algorithm cannot detect patchwork plagiarism, which is harder to detect, and it cannot prove that a student has plagiarized. However, it can generate a report of “originality” based on the content of an assignment.

It is a text matching tool:

Turnitin is a website that can identify the similarities between two pieces of writing by using a web crawler. It matches text from submitted papers to a database that contains publicly available websites. The website cannot detect plagiarism, but it does identify text that’s similar to the work of other authors. It also has other limitations, such as only checking papers that have been submitted previously.
Turnitin is a web-based system that requires student papers to be submitted in electronic format. It can’t find matching text from sources that are not electronically accessible, such as password-protected databases. However, the tool will tell you what percentage of your text matches text from other sources, which can be useful in preventing misconduct.

Turnitin provide originality reports:

While Turnitin may be helpful in finding plagiarism, the service does not provide originality reports for all papers. While you can get a copy of a paper from the website and compare it to other sources, it will not tell you how many words you copied from someone else. Additionally, it does not count words in endnotes, footnotes, and text boxes.
Turnitin is not a complete solution for detecting plagiarism. It does not tell instructors how much of a paper is plagiarized, but it can help instructors find sources of incorrect citations. Besides providing a similarity report, the service also offers online grading tools. The software automatically compares student submissions with its extensive database of original content. The service then produces Originality Reports that highlight key areas and provide direct links to the matching content.



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